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Local Polish Specialities

Board of Local Specialities

(suggested for 2 people)
Carefully selected composition of Cracovian specialties including: Lisiecka sausage, home-baked pâté, dry smoked sausage; Rubin cheese and mountain Ewe’s milk cheese “Oscypek”, served with marinated mushrooms, pickled cucumber, horseradish sauce with cranberry, Lamb’s lettuce salad and crunchy bread. Served cold

Oscypek Polish Mountain Cheese

Traditional grilled Polish ewe’s milk cheese, served on butter toast with cranberry confiture and Lamb’s lettuce salad

Polish Sour Rye Soup

Traditional Polish soup made from fermented rye, served with egg, white sausage and smoked bacon in a crunchy bread bowl

Traditional Pork Chop

Traditional pork chop of the best quality Polish loin with a crunchy coating served with fried cabbage, bacon and herbs

Home-made Dumplings „Ruskie Pierogi”

Home-made dumplings stuffed with a composition of cottage cheese, onion and potatoes, served with a touch of sautéed, golden- brown onion, bacon and fresh chives

Beef Tartare

Freshly prepared and finely chopped beef tenderloin served raw with quail egg, red onion, marinated champignon, pickled cucumber, French mustard and Lamb’s lettuce.
Served raw

All prices are in PLN. VAT included.