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Welcome to The Piano Rouge!

The building in which you are now was built in the  mid-12th century. However  today’s basement performed a completely different function then. In the XIII century period the basement of today was in fact the ground floor of the tenement house. It may sound unbelievable but that is how it really was. When The Piano Rouge was being created we ensured that the historical elements are renovated and fully displayed. In our decor you may find remains of the homesteads, window frames and original hinges from the past.

The turn of 18th and 19th century was a period of exotic wealth. In the walls of our tenement house was located an oriental shop called „Under the Palm” . The shop  was replaced  by a popular eating place and in the present bar room  elegant gentlemen from the Cracow elite spent their time sipping drinks and smoking cigars lit from special gas installations that were put on the walls of the restaurant.

Entering The Piano Rouge, first you see the magnificent Restaurant Hall. However it is not the heart and soul of The Piano Rouge as this is located farther, at the end of the Concert Hall where stands the majestic, hand decorated century-old  Bechstein piano. It becomes alive each night thanks to the concerts of the Cracow artists. In the main Bar room where the bar is shaped with original piano keys there lies a  historical secret. There you can find the oldest original, iron window - grate which is the only exposed in the whole of Krakow.

Our aim was to connect the charm of the place with its rich tradition and history and create a unique restaurant where you will be able to rest, taste our delicious cuisine and enjoy carefully selected wines while enjoying live music entertainment by the local talented musicians.