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About Us

Promenading on the Main Market Square in Kraków, everyone has the feeling that there is something in the air that cannot be described in words. Place that in the past witnessed so many significant events about which historians write in their works, emanates with extraordinariness that other places in Poland lack. (…) Most corresponding with such atmosphere is restaurant and jazz club at the same time, The Piano Rouge – place full of dignity such as the Main Market Square itself.

O nas 11When you enter here for the very first time, you will be struck by breathtaking view. Stairs covered with red carpet that lead you to three basement rooms, give an incredible impression. In the concert room sits majestic „Bechstein”, one of only three in the whole Poland. (…). Interior decoration reminds of manor chambers from XVIth century. The basement itself is historical and some of stone elements survived up to this day and were fully displayed what increase their historical value. Everything was prepared down to the last detail and you will be searching in vain for some faults in decoration full of baroque splendor. The red carpet on the floor giving the impression of coziness, gold, glass chandeliers or fabrics that cover historical walls – these are only some of elements of such splendor. Menu is also impressive and the service – professional and always kind. This is not all because every day (yes, Dear Guests, every day) we organize jazz concerts on the highest level. (…) It is truly magical place and to be in Kraków and not visit it, it is like die not having seen Naples.( Łukasz Gnat MwK)

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